Deck and Fence Cleaning and Sealing

DeckTeck has been providing quality deck restoration in the San Antonio area for over 15 years. From deck repair to pressure washing and deck cleaning services, we're your deck refinishing choice in San Antonio.

Deck Cleaning, Conditioning and Refinishing

When the surface of a deck is severely weathered, dirty, scratched, or sun damaged, it's often recommended that the top layer of old weathered wood fibers be removed. Our high quality wood cleaners and conditioners, along with a low pressure wash renew the wood fibers hiding just below the surface. Your deck is now ready for the application of the ultimate "DeckTeck Finish."

Deck Sealing and Staining

Now that your deck is carefully washed and conditioned to reveal a like new surface, DeckTeck completes the job with the application of a high quality sealant/stain. This crucial step protects your deck or fence from water, mildew, sun damage, dirt and foot traffic for approximately 2 years.

How Much Sealer Do You Apply To A Deck? "Be Careful"

Do-it-yourselfers often make mistakes in this crucial step - applying too much or too little of a low-quality deck sealer - leading to a sticky, gooey finish. Other mistakes lead to messy overspray or the application of traditional paints instead of a high quality deck stain. This can lead to an unattractive finish, premature weather damage, and- wort of all - the risk of having to start all over again, by stripping and sanding - a very expensive process.

We Apply A Premium Penetrating Oil Stain
BCA & Armstrong Low Maount Process No Stain

Most "over the counter" stains contain acrylic/silicon compounds that forms a film on the surface of the wood. These products usually start cracking and peeling within 1 year. Now you have to start all over again by stripping and/or sanding your deck- an unpleasant and expensive task.

Resurface and Condition the Wood

DeckTeck recommends Baker's Gray Away Wood Seal or Armstrong Clark Semi-transparent oil based stains. Once your deck is prepared and stained correctly the first time, maintenance is a piece of cake.
Our products never need to be stripped. A simple cleaning and maintenance coat of the stain is all that is required. Maintenance should be done every 18 months.